Sarah Carlson is a pianist, violinist, and music instructor located in Southwest Michigan. She began teaching private music lessons at the age of fifteen and continued to build up her studio after graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education. Sarah has privately studied piano under Dr. Elfie Schults-Berndt, Daniel Nagy, Daisy de Luca Jaffe’ and Lydie Regazzi.  Awards in college include 1st place in Music Study Club Competition (Pensacola, FL 2004), 1st place in Sonata Piano Competition (Pensacola, FL 2005), and 3rd (2005) and 2nd (2006) place in Commencement Piano Competition at Pensacola Christian College. Since returning to Michigan in 2007, Sarah finds her greatest musical fulfillment in teaching piano. However, she also finds time to enjoy accompanying, performing, collaborating with other musicians, and directing her church choir.